ContraCode privacy policy

ContraCode tries hard to protect the privacy of its users. Whose privacy do you want to read more about?

Visitors Customers

Privacy of visitors

  1. Our servers automatically save the IP addresses of our visitors. This is necessary for our server software to function correctly. We recommend usage of the anonymity application Tor in case you want to prevent our servers from knowing your IP address.
  2. We use the Open Source web analytics application Piwik to get a better view of how our customers use our website. Our installation is configured to automatically anonymise your IP adress, and we therefore cannot use Piwik to personally identify you. If you want to prevent our tracking, you can enable the Do-Not-Track option in your browser, or use the form below to place an opt-out cookie (unchecking the check box tells Piwik that you do not want to be tracked):
  3. The ContraCode contact form sends the complete IP address upon submitting, to prevent abuse.

Privacy of customers

  1. We will only ask you for the information we require and will not share this with third parties, unless necessary to do our job or if we are legally required to share this information.
  2. To protect your account, the system saves your IP on (an attempt to) log in, so that it can automatically ban users trying to gain access to you account.